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About Us

Always striving to raise the bar of perfection, GriffinRUN provides our users with the most advanced services that others just can't compete with. We intend to continue our tradition of excellence by exercising our professionally trained staff, continuing our push for affordable server hosting, and giving the customer what is demanded in the competitive environment that exists today. 


Unlike other server companies, GriffinRUN's reputation as a professional, top of the line provider does the talking for us. We have made sure quality is evident in the company down to our highly trained and experienced staff members.

The staff was formed around one goal, which is that the customer must be pleased with the service we provide them. Therefore, we offer live support representatives that work around the clock to make sure you aren't left in the dark when you need us the most. Our staff has been constructed around these three foundations:

  • The customer is our number one priority.
  • A strive to build an honest, trusting, and professional relationship with the customer.
  • To work 100% and beyond to bring you the best services, satisfaction, and reliability you can ask for from a server company.

Our Goals

GriffinRUN intends to maintain the professional image that our company has displayed, as well as make it our duty to bring you the most advanced technology in server hosting to date. Our servers are hex or octal core dual CPU Xeons with upwards of 128GB of lightning fast SSD storage per machine. Our customers don't have time for laggy services.

Our Network

GriffinRUN will only operate in markets where we can get top level providers and the fastest links available. In Florida, we run our own datacenter, complete with triple gigabit links for the ultimate in redundancy and availability. Our providers include NTT, Level3 and XO Communications for our IP providers. Our transport is provided by Fiberlight and Level3. The edge and core networks are all Cisco gear and we have the minimum devices between your server and the net. Initial locations in Miami and Atlanta will be joined by new location as the rebirth expands. Let us know where our network needs to grow!

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